Nearly all countries require visa from the nationals of other countries. But the difficulty of getting a visa is a source of frustration for the applicant and a costly and bureaucratic process for many countries. Therefore, it is critical to find a process that will facilitate both the applicants and the authorities of the country issuing the visa.


To make the application process easier for the applicants and for the issuing authorities, countries are now shifting the visa application process to secure online environments.

The benefits of the e-Visa process include:

Easier application process, thus increasing the number of applicants and contributing to international tourism.

Online application, thus reducing overhead costs for countries.

Online process, increasing safety and traceability of application process


The design and deployment of the e-Visa process is often mistaken as an IT project. However, the successful implementation of an e-Visa process requires a thorough understanding of the internal visa application processes of a country as well as international IT and data security standards.

Together with an expert technical team and diplomats experienced in the field of e-Visa process, Smart e-Visa© offers an integrated solution for visa applications that guarantees not only the technical expertise but strong guidance in the transition process as well.


Key highlights of the Smart e-Visa© include:

3 Step Online Application Portal:

The online application portal is a user friendly page that guides the applicant through the 3 simple stages of the application process:

1. Apply

2. Make Payment

3. Download your e-Visa

Support for different types of visas:

In addition to tourist visas, different types of visas such as work or education visas are also included in the portal.

2 Minute Application Time:

According to the visa regime applied, some visas are prepared and sent to the applicant in two minutes, while some visas are finalized after the necessary research about the applicant is done.

Smart visa features

Strong Admin Module:

The admin module allows system administrators with a secure infrastructure, to evaluate and finalize visa applications and to generate different statistics and reports on the pool of applicants.

Multi-Lingual user interface:

With its multilingual user interface it is extremely practical to apply for a visa at Smart e-Visa.

Easy Payment Option:

After the completion of the visa application process, the visa fee can be paid by a credit card.

QR Coded Safe Visa Issuance:

After the visa fee is paid electronically, the QR coded visa is prepared to be printed or stored on a mobile phone to be presented to the customs police upon arrival.

High-End Security Measures:

Smart e-Visa© attaches special importance to data security and works closely with each customer to meet the data security requirements of each country.

Smart visa features

From its past experience in e-Visa processes, the Smart e-Visa© also offers additional optional services to further strengthen the application process. These and other services can be customized to each country’s needs:

Conditional e-Visas: Faster Visas for ‘Safe’ Applicants

Smart e-Visa© also offers the option of giving conditional visas to some nationals. For example, when an applicant has a valid visa for a group of pre-determined countries, then the visa application for tourist and business for these individuals may result faster.

Easy application Process for Tourism Agencies

Smart e-Visa© offers an additional option to tourism agencies.
Agencies can apply for collective visas for tourist groups arriving by air and sea.
Visa applications of tourist groups whose data are transferred to the system in different formats are finalized in the blink of an eye.

Smart visa features

Multi-Institution Integration

The representatives of the institutions that use the system can monitor all applications instantly with Smart e-Visa© System’s Administrator module and intervene in the process when they deem necessary. Applications such as work and education visas, which require the knowledge and approval of other authorities in the country, are forwarded to these institutions through the system. Such visa procedures can be concluded after the approval of the relevant institutions and, if deemed necessary, relevant consular officers are asked to interview with the applicant.

Smart e-Visa© offers a viable solution for all visa applications

With ease of use, functionality, speed and security, Smart e-Visa© provides a powerful option for countries that want to take advantage of the digitalization trend in their visa-application processes.

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